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1.0 The contract between us.

1.0. We will always endeavour to provide a quality service for every customer that uses our cleaning services. Every technician that we employ is personally interviewed and references are checked by us.

1.1. Our cleaning services may be ordered by telephone or e-mail and in doing so you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2. The use of 'chemical free cleaning' is in relation to cleaning certain types of upholstered furniture to include car upholstery (not leather), carpets of all types and ovens. This is not applicable to conservatories, leather furniture or stone flooring. It is also not concerning the use of water in the generation of steam.

1.3. Technicians will need access to water and power.

If any estimate is given on how long it will take our technicians to do the job, this is only an estimate based on the average length of time it takes to clean an item of similar size and condition.

1.5. Our acceptance of your booking brings into existence a legally binding contract    between us.

1.6. We will not be held liable for work not completed, or not completed to a good standard if other third parties are present in the property working at the same time as our technicians who are working and carrying out the job.

1.7. Dry Steam Demon reserves the right not to be responsible for wear or discolouring of fabric becoming more visible once dirt has been removed; failing to remove old/permanent stains that cannot be removed using our existing cleaning methods; existing damage or spillages that cannot be cleaned/ removed again using the cleaning methods at our disposal.

1.8. The customer agrees to pay any additional costs incurred by us in respect of congestion charges, collection of keys or parking charges if suitable parking facilities are not accessible or agreements between Dry Steam Demon and the customer or customer's representatives have not been facilitated as agreed at quotation stage.

2.0 Quotations & Estimates.

2.1. The customer understands that the price that you have been quoted does not include anything apart from cleaning of the agreed items, any additional cleaning required will be charged for separately.

2.2. All prices quoted or estimated over the phone or on line are estimated and based on the information given by the customers. All prices should be confirmed on site (verbally or written) with the customers prior to the start of work, in order to avoid discrepancies or misunderstandings that may occur.

3.0 Payment.

3.1. The following payment types are accepted. Cash, cheque or card (credit or debit) please make cheques payable to Dry Steam Demon BACS or electronic transfer. * Domestic and Business customers payment is due on the day unless otherwise agreed with the customer and on receipt of an invoice. The customer will be liable for all bank and legal charges resulting from a Dishonoured Cheque.
*Commercial or business customers who wish to pay by BACS or electronic transfer must have this agreed prior to the commencement of the cleaning work.  

3.2. Customers understand that any 'late payments' may be subject to additional charges.     

3.3. None payment            

3.3.1. For business and commercial customers that have 30-day terms, payment must be made 30 days from the date on the invoice. Should the account need to be passed on to our debt collections agency a charge of15% will be made on top of the initial invoice due, will be added to the debt. You agree as part of this contract to pay this sum which represents our costs in collecting the unpaid amounts in court fees, legal fees, or interest which will occur due to the result of none payment of their outstanding bill.

4.0 Insurance.

4.1. Dry Steam Demon has Public and Employers liability insurance. The policy will cover any accidental damages caused by our technicians working on behalf of Dry Steam Demon, reported within 24 hours of the cleaning date.

4.2. Dry Steam Demon reserves the right to refuse to share any of the confidential company's documents.

4.3. Dry Steam Demon advises that the customer or a customer's representative must be present at the time of completion of the job so an inspection can be carried out and any corrections made on site on the same day. Dry Steam Demon, through its Insurance Company, will repair or replace the item/s if it's personnel knowingly caused the damage. If the item/s cannot be repaired Dry Steam Demon will rectify the problem through its insurance company by crediting the client with the items if it is proven to be down to our personnel.

5.0 Customer Satisfaction.

5.1. If a client is not completely satisfied with a cleaning job; Dry Steam Demon will re-clean any areas and items to the customer's satisfaction. Therefore the customer must allow the technician to return.

5.2. Customers must be present at all times on the recovery clean. Dry Steam Demon reserves the right not to return a technician more than once.

6.0 Cancellation Customer.

6.1. A customer may cancel a cleaning visit/s by giving no less than 48 hours advanced notice or adjust a clean by giving no less than 24 hours advanced notice.

6.2. The customer agrees to pay the full price of a cleaning visit if the customer cancels the cleaning visit/s less than the 48 hours notice or changes the date/time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled clean.

Customers agree to pay the full price of the cleaning visit/s in the event of lock out caused by our technicians being turned away; no one home or to let them in or problems with a customers keys. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills.

6.4. Business and commercial customers can cancel a regular maintenance clean by giving 2 weeks (14 days) advanced notice in writing specifying the last cleaning date and given reason. The failure to give 2 weeks (14days) notice will result in the customer paying 40% of the invoice total of the next clean and any additional costs incurred.

6.1.1. Cancellation by us.

6.1.2. We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us if we have insufficient staff to fulfill the clean you have booked.

6.1.3. We will cancel or re-schedule a cleaning visit/s if our equipment is faulty or in operable and we are unable to find a replacement, if you have informed us of illness that we feel may result in the contamination of our staff.

6.1.4. We reserve the right to cancel and re-schedule a cleaning visit/s if your requirements change and you require a larger number of additional items cleaned.

7.0. Privacy Statement.

7.1. Information that we gather about you is information that is given at the time of booking. This information is collected lawfully and in accordance with: The Data Protection Act 1998 Dry Steam Demon respects user's privacy. Any and all information collected will be kept strictly private. The policy statement is an extension of our commitment to combine the finest quality services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our clients, suppliers, associates and staff.

The relevant United Kingdom laws shall govern these terms and conditions and by agreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of United Kingdom.

Dry Steam Demon reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving prior notice.


Any updates will be listed at the bottom of the page.

None payment.

Debt collection Agency fees, Legal costs or court fees will be added to your outstanding bill if we have to take this course of action.

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